9 Ball Pool

9 Ball Pool tables have become very popular over the last few years. The larger table, pockets and heavier balls and also the ability to play either 8 or 9 Ball Pool on the table make these great tables. Q Ball Club has five 9 Ball Pool tables available to hire which are situated in the main pool area right next to the bar and unlike 8 Ball pool tables can be pre-booked and are charged by the minute rather than per game. 9 Ball cues and chalk are all available at no extra cost and can be found around all the tables by the seating areas.

9 Ball Pool Prices


Evening 9 Ball Pool

£ 25
all night
  • From 7pm Till Close
  • 9 Ball Pool Only
  • Pre Booking Available
  • Available Every Day

Evening 9 Ball Pool

£ 10
per hour
  • From 7pm Till Close
  • Charged By The Minute
  • 9 Ball Pool
  • Pre-Booking Available
  • Available Every Night
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